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Welcome to Garforth Electrical Ltd replacement RCD / RCBO fuse box page.

Here we will guide you on the reasons why a replacement RCD or RCBO fuse box is a safe decision to make to ensure electrical safety in your own home, business or rented property.

You will hear alot of talk about RCD protection these days and if you have been told your existing installation does not offer RCD protection to the circuits installed in your property then a fuse box upgrade is a safe option to increase the electrical safety of your property and meet the current IEE 18th edition wiring regulations currently in force today.

So, lets crack on, Does your current fuse box look similar to any in the below slide show ?, if so read on…..

  • RCD Fusebox Electrician Garforth 0113 2863811
  • RCD Fusebox Electrician Garforth 0113 2863811
  • RCD Fusebox Electrician Garforth 0113 2863811
  • RCD Fuse Box Garforth

The above slide show are fuse boxes installed between the 1950’s through to the late 1980’s. These old fuse boxes do not offer RCD protection or miniture circuit breaker protection, what is the difference i hear you ask ?.

If you look at the below slide show it shows the old Wylex rewirable fuses, push button mcb devices through to the new Wylex RCBO’S & RCD main switches, in a nut shell the old rewireable fuses and the push button mcbs are obscelete now and the RCBO’S & RCD Main switches are what are installed in new consumer units offering the mandatory RCD protection

If you have any electrical modifications or additions done to your property or maybe you have had a EICR (Electrical installation condition report completed on a property) and it has mentioned no RCD protection then this is what they are talking about.

Certain electrical accessories/circuits have had mandatory RCD protection in force since the 1990s under the 16th edition wiring regulations, this was installations done in the time of the 16th edition regs, this was namely electric showers and sockets within the home, commercial environments were not ion force with this regulation unitl the 18th edition came along and now there is no getting away with it really as all circuits have tio have the mandatory RCD proptection as a safety protection method, agree or disagree with it what you may the regulations are there to be adhered to and that is what we have to do.

Lets move on to see what a modern day RCD fuse box looks like that we install here at Garforth Electrical Ltd.

  • RCD Fusebox Electrician Garforth 0113 2863811
  • RCD Fuse Box Garforth Electrical Ltd 0113 3863811